Monday, May 8, 2017

Slight change and this is THE END

Here is a slightly changed final version of the rendered hig rez sculpt plus 4 version of the comparison sheet. Yes, 4, because I couldn't decide on which one is better.

Also, these are some of the old renders but since this is going to be my last post I am combining everything here as a last goodbye.

Thank you for following my progress!

You can find my official portfolio website here:



Monday, May 1, 2017

I gave Keyshot a chance

This is the bare minimum done in 5 minutes just because I was too curious to see how it will look like. Tip: EVERYTHING has too be different objects. I really want my shoelaces, my chain, my belt buckles, my necklace and my beard to be different material but that takes too much work to fish out where all those things are in my 267 saves.

Doom is near, critique is here!

Not finished the slightest but here is whatI have so far..

Final critique is today and I am not finished with anything!

Self critic:

-posed character is bad!

Why?: So what happened was that I wanted to keep up with my Zbrush class as much as possible and if that meant doing all separate parts half-heartedly- then yeah- i will. I was struggling keeping up with the pace of the class throughout the whole semester. Most of my little assignments weren't finished and that went and stabbed me in the back the last few days. My pose is really broken and my character wasn't completed. Also my higher subdv. levels got deleted on my pants.
Self note: Don't bite more that what you can chew. Even thou my character seems plain at first sight- this was my first time with Zbrush, so i should have gone with something more manageable.

-no normal maps

Why?: I couldn't make normal maps because i couldn't UV unwrap my parts. What happened was that I was UV unwrapping the high rez mesh.
Self note: UVs are needed on the low rez not the high one.

-no posed low rez

Why?: Same thing, my low rez posed should be the same pose as my high rez pose but because my high rez pose was so much broken I wanted to fix it firs and then do it.

-no hero sheet

Why?: because nothing is fully done

-no prop

Why?: because by the time I was finished with the last assignment and just starting to do the prop, the class had already moved on something new so i had to only start on it and just leave it shortly after to not fall behind.

-no mini environment

Why?: i already have a sketch for it and I know what to do. Simply there wasn't any time left


There probably is more (don't even get me started on why my sculpt doesn't mach perfectly with my initial design)

For now I will not look at this for a day or two and go back to it with new eyes. There have been many sleepless nights, program errors and this is all topped with a large amount of RedBull because American coffee just doesn't taste as nice!

Combining everything (retopologized) together in Maya

Crashes before final deadline

TYPICALLY everything seems to be dying on me just before everything is due.
Zbrush wont make UVs for my model, Maya crashed so many times now and on top of that, who would know that the computers at my university would restart at 5am.... why would you do that??? I guess it is my fault for not saving enough but still...

Sunday, April 30, 2017

UV Unwrapping in Zbrush not working?

Yes, I am having a problem UV unwrapping my head in Zbrush
It takes way to long (more than 10 minutes) so I end up having to force quit the program. I have not found a solution for this problem but will look into in if I have the time. Unfortunately I will be unwrapping with Maya.

Boot Retopo